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The County Court at Law was
created to fill a need to lessen the
overburdened District Courts.
They generally have concurrent
jurisdiction with the District
Courts in family law matters
including divorces, child custody,
adoptions, child welfare, child
support, etc.
Criminal jurisdiction of Class A and
B misdemeanors and appellate
jurisdiction over class C offenses
and Justice of the Peace and
Municipal Court decisions.
The County Court at Law plays a  
significant role in our trial courts.
They are the answer to a local
need for additional courts to ease  
the burden of heavy caseloads on
the District Court Level.
Walter Fontenot pictured above with Boots
Krueger and Jack Hartel at a birthday party.
As the District Courts of Liberty
County became overburdened, Boots
Krueger and Walter Fontenot sought
to form a County Court at Law to ease
that burden. Boots Krueger became
the first County Court at Law Judge in
Liberty County
Education and Experience will
make the difference if Walter
Fontenot is elected as
Judge of the
County Court at Law.